Vineyard Football Association


As things stand right now we will not be having VFA games this summer due to a lack of licensed officials. Without officials we cannot be insured.

The field will be available for the time being for pick up Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights 5-dusk. 


Vineyard Football Association

Summer League - Regular Season

Coop deVille (COO) (Yellow)

Manager: fillype soauza
Manager Phone:
Assistant Manager: Jack wadleigh
Assistant Manager Phone:

Matthew Birtwell
William Bronson
Thiago Chaves
Carlos Ferreira
Gilmar Lima
Jasckson Lohan-Smith
Matthew Mullen
Alex Parker
Lucus Quintiliano
trent Samcoff
fillype Souza
Flavio Souza
John Wadleigh

Island Copper (ICO) (Purple)

Manager: Mark Taylor
Manager Phone: 508.627.0800
Assistant Manager: Neal Sullivan
Assistant Manager Phone: 508.446.1961

Joelcio Alvares
Damon Burke
Vander (Buick) De Oliveira
Carlos DeOliviera
Stanley E. Startzell
James Fitzgerald
Austin Grande
Joao Martins
Milan Milicevic
Kevan Nichols
Kristofer Rabasca
Neal Sullivan
Josh Thomson
Daniel (Nacho) Vignolo
John Walsh
Andrew Worlock

Island Fresh Pizza (IFP) (Blue/Red)

Manager: paulo miranda
Manager Phone:

Ronaldo Andrade
Silanelio Andre
edson Candido
Alex Heston
Fernando Pinheiro
Nathaniel Purchase
Nick SanPietro
Wesley Silva
Lucas Tiago
Klaiton S Vilaca

Island Star (IST) (Yellow)

Manager: John Oliveira
Manager Phone: 508.560.2553
Assistant Manager: Gustavo Silva
Assistant Manager Phone: 774.521.4443

jhonaton Alves
Vincent Carlomagno
McKeon Clark-Derrick
Wagner Da Silva
Mike Fairbrother
Carlos Ferreria
Filipe Freitas
Leif Iverson
John Oliveira
Gustavo Silva

Jays' Barber Shop (JBS)

Manager: Jason Lages
Manager Phone:

Christopher Bown
Andrew Humphrey
Josh Jackson
Thiago Machado
Junior Oliveira
Jason Oliveira Lages
Chris Pease
Generci Pena
Lucas Quintiliano
leondro Silva

Sports Haven (SPO) (White)

Manager: Declan McBride
Manager Phone: 508.939.1227
Assistant Manager: Bill Miner
Assistant Manager Phone: 508-696-0456 - Store

Martin Aranzabe
Scott Bown
Wesley De Oliveira
Jacob Ferry
Jacob Lawrence
Declan McBride
Jackson McBride
Mateus Ribeiro
Ben Sinnett
Adam L. Smith