Vineyard Football Association


As things stand right now we will not be having VFA games this summer due to a lack of licensed officials. Without officials we cannot be insured.

The field will be available for the time being for pick up Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights 5-dusk. 



Vineyard Football Association


The Vineyard Football Association (VFA) has hosted an adult summer soccer league since 1991. The VFA league started out of necessity due to the influx of summer workers (college kids) and fair weather soccer enthusiasts. The quality of the casual bi-weekly pick-up games were diminishing as increasing numbers of players competed for limited playing space on the pitch. The relief came in the form of an organized soccer league which separated the vying soccer masses into four teams of equal skill - each sponsored by local businesses. The initial player demographic was widely varied with regards to skill level, age, gender and fitness.

Over the years, the VFA summer soccer league evolved into a highly competitive institution. The ever increasing player skill level, combined with the strength of evenly matched teams made for a successful and entertaining league. Prior to the 2002 season, the VFA elected to grow from four teams to six by adding one expansion team and inviting the Atlantic Football Club (AFC) to the league. The AFC is a youth soccer organization which offers high school aged soccer players the opportunity to advance their exposure to soccer instruction and competition via off-island tournaments. The AFC has filled a much needed gap between the Friends of Vineyard Soccer (FOVS) – which is primarily a youth development and spring travel program for kids from U6 through U14 and the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School (MVRHS) J.V. and Varsity soccer programs.

Evenly balanced teams are created via player draft by managers who represent the club sponsors. The six sponsored clubs competing in the 2011 VFA Summer League are AFC, Coop de Ville, Monto Orthopedics, MV Celtic, Shirley’s Hardware and Sports Haven.

League Format:

  • Each team plays two 60 minute games per week.
  • Two games are played on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 5:30 and 6:45 PM at the Veteran's Memorial Park in Vineyard Haven during season.
  • Regular Season - Traditional double round robin play whereas each of 6 teams play the other 5 teams twice.  Regular Season will consist of 30 games.  Based on final Regular Season standings, the bottom 2 teams are eliminated and top 4 teams advance to Second Round.
  • Second Round - Traditional double round robin whereas each of the 4 teams play the other 3 twice. Second Round will consist of 12 games.
  • Playoffs
    • Semi-Final 1: Second Round 2nd Place vs 3rd Place
    • Semi-Final 2: Second Round 1st Place vs 4th Place
Final - Winner of Semi-Final 1 vs winner of Semi-Final 2
Team Card Points:

Card points will be assessed as follows;

  • 1 yellow card = 1 card point
  • 1 red card = 2 card points
  • 2 yellow cards in one game = red card = 2 card points
  • 1 yellow card + 1 red card for other than a second caution in one game = 3 card points
  • Teams which forfeit games shall receive 2 card points  

A team which receives a total of 10 card points within the season shall be penalized 2 points in league standings

A team which receives a total of 15 card points within the season shall be penalized an additional 2 points in the league standings and shall be subject to disciplinary action by the VFA

A team which receives a total of 15 card points (exclusive of card points from forfeited games) during a season shall be ineligible for that season’s playoffs